“Apart from seeing a significant decrease in our garbage service budget, it has been great to see much more not end up in the landfill.”
      -Chance LaFleur, PCMI Group

Save Time

  • We clean, service, manage and maintain your dumpster/garbage areas five or six days a week. Our expertise and efficient systems increase recycling and decrease budgeted solid waste. WRS works within the existing budgets of the properties we serve, so there is no new or additional capital outlay for our customers.
  • We take responsibility and act as an agent between you and your hauler for all garbage-related issues, including billing. We perform monthly auditing of your garbage bill to ensure that your hauler is billing properly according to existing and/or proposed service levels.

Save Money

  • Increasing recycling and reducing the amount and frequency of waste collected and dumped by garbage haulers allows WRS to lower our clients’ garbage bills.
  • Savings are passed on to you, allowing WRS to offer our extended services for less than what you are paying now for basic garbage service.
  • We can deliver fast and efficient apartment turnover services. We remove exiting tenants’ unwanted belongings and trash – including furniture and appliances. This allows you to quickly rent the unit.

Save the Earth

  • Waste Recovery Systems dramatically increases recycling, reducing the amount of waste dumped into our community’s landfills. WRS performs on-site separation. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce wasteful dumping and support a healthier environment.
  • Waste Recovery Systems will work with your property to set up and maintain convenient recycling centers for your tenants, providing an easy path for participation in the recycling process. This also allows WRS to ensure much of the recyclables are recovered, even if tenants do not actively participate.
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Waste Recovery Systems decreases costs and increases recycling for your apartment complex.