Waste. Not.

A smart solution

Save time. Save Money.
Save the Earth.

Waste Recovery Systems (WRS) is a waste management solution for apartment communities, building owners and managers. We have more than 20 years of experience and serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. We save you time and money with a cleaner, greener and more convenient option then standard trash collection services.

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Earth friendly

Earth friendly

We increase recycling and allow only truly non-reusable garbage to be dumped in landfills. We make things more efficient for your garbage hauler, which saves you money on waste management. And we save you money in the process!

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How you benefit

Waste Recovery Systems offers waste management services five or six days a week. We manage recycling, dispose of misplaced garbage, sweep debris in dumpster areas and generally keep them tidy. We also work quickly for fast, efficient apartment turnover by removing previous tenants unwanted belongings and trash. So you can quickly rent the unit.